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Tennessee flooding
Published February 26, 2019

PYA Offers Free Business Tax Extension Filing for Flood Victims

PYA, a nationwide certified public accounting firm headquartered in Knoxville, announced today that the company is offering free assistance with filing tax extensions to Tennessee businesses affected by the historic flooding over the past week.

With financial statements for business tax filing due on March 15, PYA is stepping up to assist community businesses who may need some extra time pulling together all of their documentation.

“Seeing firsthand the impact of the flooding on local businesses really hit home,” said PYA President Marty Brown.  “From road closures to water rescues to businesses that were completely submerged, this flooding has been devastating.  And it comes at a time when business owners are trying to pull together their financial information for tax-filing purposes. Our culture at PYA is built on a foundation of helpfulness and giving back to our community, so we would like to help those business owners in some way.”

The Firm is offering free help filing tax extensions for flood-affected businesses located in Knoxville, Nashville, and surrounding counties.  Businesses qualifying for assistance may contact PYA at 800-270-9629 to begin gathering information related to filing an extension.

“We feel sympathy for our clients, the business community, and anyone suffering the effects of the devastation,” said Brown.  “It’s our hope that we can alleviate some of the financial stress these businesses are under while they work to get back on solid ground.”

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