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Published June 24, 2016

PYA Announces New Suite of Products to Address Population Health Management

PYA announces the launch of Population Health Ascend. PYA designed this suite of products to help healthcare providers meet the challenge of population health management and transition to value-based care.

To succeed under value-based payments, healthcare providers must develop population health management skills and infrastructure.  Most providers, however, are unsure how to move forward, given the need to sustain current operations.  PYA has developed Population Health Ascend to define a path forward tailored to an organization’s specific needs.

PYA Principal Martie Ross states, “Healthcare providers want to know what they should be doing now to position their organizations for value-based care.  The Population Heath Ascend suite of products offers specific tactics, each one building critical competencies for population health management.”

Organized into three service groups, Population Health Ascend encompasses the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care:

Gear Up for the challenge

  • Organization-Wide Learning: Tailored internal communication and education campaign powered by interdisciplinary subject-matter experts
  • Physician Leadership Academy: Designed by physicians for physicians to equip, educate, and empower physician champions without schedule disruption
  • Ambulatory Clinical Documentation Improvement: Focused program to accurately capture population risk and enhance data integrity
  • Fee-For-Service Care Management: Step-by-step implementation of compliant transitional and chronic care management programs

Acclimate to the changing landscape

  • MIPS Mastery™: Cutting through regulatory complexity to move the needle on MIPS performance measures
  • Network Formation and Acceleration: Design, implementation, and optimization of clinically integrated networks
  • Provider Compensation Redesign: Aligning incentives for teams delivering value-based care
  • Alternative Payment Model Valuation: Fair market value and commercial reasonableness assessments of provider network revenue distributions

Forge Ahead to more complex population management

  • Intelligent Data Integration: Translating disparate data into meaningful business intelligence to drive performance improvement
  • Provider Practice Innovation: Transforming physician practices to achieve better patient care, improved outcomes, and smarter spending
  • Risk-Based Contracting: Positioning for success under pay-for-performance, shared savings, bundled payments, and full-risk contracts

According to Ross, “PYA understands the climb will be different for each organization, and thus each product stands on its own.  The products an organization selects will be customized to its specific needs and circumstances.  Additionally PYA’s skilled project management team can coordinate your organization’s population health initiatives, maximizing efficiency and keeping you on schedule.”

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