January 19, 2016

Merger Integration Infographic

Why do 70-90% of merger and acquisition deals fail to meet objectives?  What route do you take to ensure a successful integration?  PYA recently released, “Lessons from the Field for Effective Post-Affiliation Integration,” offering guidance for healthcare provider organizations seeking to broker lucrative mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and other affiliations.

Now, PYA has released an accompanying Merger Integration Infographic, which demonstrates that merger integration success goes well beyond simply drawing up and signing off on the deal.  The infographic takes you on a journey of a merger or acquisition–the perceptions organizations have as they go through the process, the perils along the way, the reality of what happens once the “ink dries,” and the often-failed objectives that result.  It illustrates a timeline of emotions and challenges, the tightropes one must walk during and after the deal, and the objectives of PYA’s integration management office, which helps organizations achieve successful integration and exceptional results.


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