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Published July 11, 2018

Inertia Is a Risk with Myriad Security Resources; Overlap May Help

Thought leader and PYA Principal Barry Mathis recently was interviewed in an article, “Inertia Is a Risk with Myriad Security Resources; Overlap May Help.”  Published in the Report on Medicare Compliance, a weekly publication of the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA), the article explores the value of a comprehensive security risk assessment—and discusses the “analysis paralysis” that may result from information overload.

Article excerpt:

“It’s confusing.”  He [Mathis] says.  “It’s no longer about the assessment or the audit.  It’s about a program—managing it end to end, knowing you may pull different pieces [from various frameworks] … You don’t want to ignore HHS or commercialized frameworks…  You can crosswalk them, depending on what kind of complexity your organization has… But you won’t know until you complete your risk assessment.”

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