October 22, 2018

“Employment or Private Practice? What Young Neurosurgeons Need to Know About Compensation Structures”

A recent article by PYA Principal Angie Caldwell and Senior Consultant Kristy Diederich has been published in the fall edition of Neurosurgery Market Watch.™  “Employment or Private Practice?  What Young Neurosurgeons Need to Know About Compensation Structures” dissects the employed compensation model and examines private-practice compensation models, offering critical information newly trained neurosurgeons must consider to make the most informed decisions when starting their careers.

Article Excerpt:

The decision to seek employment or private practice will no doubt be one of the greatest choices a neurosurgeon makes in her or his career.  Both arrangements have pros and cons, but all neurosurgeons should understand the different compensation structures and, ultimately, their ramifications for them personally, professionally, and financially.  Choosing the right practice type with the right group is important not only for neurosurgeons’ income but also for their future success.

Read the full article reprinted by permission from Neurosurgery Market Watch, Fall 2018, accessible here.

Neurosurgery Market Watch is a quarterly publication serving neurosurgeons and candidates seeking new opportunities.

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