April 11, 2018

Employee Development—Maximizing the Potential with Current Staff

Members of the Georgia Medical Group Management Association (GMGMA) will “get in the groove” at the “Stayin’ Alive in Healthcare” annual meeting April 29-May 1, 2018, in downtown Savannah, GA. In addition to hosting a fun-filled “Disco Dance Fever Contest,” the GMGMA conference will offer discussions for avoiding burnout, compliance issues, and workplace violence in order to “stay alive” in the healthcare industry.

Limited resources and an ever-diminishing pool of qualified candidates has made hiring—and retaining—healthcare employees more than a casual concern. PYA Consulting Manager Allison Wilson addresses this problem in her discussion, “Employee Development—Maximizing the Potential with Current Staff.” Her presentation is tailored toward “growing good employees” and offers instruction on:

  • Evaluating current processes for hiring and onboarding employees.
  • Assessing current staff and identifying gaps in competencies.
  • Understanding the interests and motivating factors for employees and assigning roles accordingly.
  • Improving employee retention.

If you would like additional information about employee development or operational improvements for physician practices, or would like to request a speaker on these topics for your organization or event, contact our PYA professionals below at (800) 270-9629.


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