May 16, 2013

Connecting Strategy-Satisfying Mutual Needs White Paper Explores Affiliation Objectives

A comprehensive strategic plan with clearly defined objectives is key when an organization makes the decision to pursue an affiliation.   PYA’s white paper, “Affiliation Objectives:  Connecting Strategy-Satisfying Mutual Needs,” encourages proactive planning through an engaged board that identifies an organization’s strategic direction and establishes clear affiliation goals.  The guide outlines management’s role in executing the comprehensive strategic plan, and the board’s role in using the plan to monitor management’s performance.

Also, the white paper examines the various objectives for affiliation with the ultimate mission of improving patient care above all else.   It addresses organizations who are seeking to expand networks, thereby accessing additional areas of clinical expertise and additional lives for population health initiatives, as well as those organizations whose focus is to fortify resources.

Download White Paper Here

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