PYA’s Steven Gu Discusses Chinese Financial Market in Live CCTV America News Interview

CCTV News, one of 42 television channels produced and broadcast by China Central Television, the world’s largest broadcaster with a reach of more than 1.2 billion viewers, recently interviewed Steven Gu, Director of PYA’s U.S.-China Business Advisory Services.  During the live broadcast, Gu shared his insights about the recovery of China and Hong Kong’s IPO market.

In terms of funds raised, Hong Kong was the world’s No. 1 IPO market in the first three quarters of 2016.  Despite pressures stemming from slowed economic growth in China and weak economic recovery globally, IPO activities in Hong Kong continued successfully in comparison to the Shanghai Stock Exchange (2nd) and the New York Stock Exchange (3rd).

“Economic fundamentals are improving,” said Gu.  “The long-term and short-term interest rates remain low; the worries about China’s economic growth rate and share depreciation of Chinese RMB [Renminbi] have receded.”  He also pointed out that the mainland China IPO market–resumed from a five months’ suspension following September 2015–is picking up the pace, and investor sentiment likewise is improving.  Several sizable deals, especially the most recent $7.4 billion Postal Savings Bank of China IPO, will act as a spur to any new IPO listings.  With the soon-to-be-launched Hong Kong-Shenzhen connect program, the market recovery most likely will continue through Q4, boding well for Hong Kong to remain the biggest IPO market for 2016.

CCTV News is a global English language, 24/7 news and current affairs channel that can be viewed in more than 85-million homes across more than 100 countries and territories. Through cable and satellite, it is in nearly 30-million households (encompassing 75-million viewers) in the United States.

If you would like more information about U.S.-China Business Advisory, contact one of our executives below.

Steven Gu

Steven Gu

Director of US-China Business Advisory Services

Eric Elliott

Eric Elliott


Tom Ballard

Tom Ballard

Chief Alliance Officer

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