Public Policy

The transition to patient-centered care and value-based reimbursement requires realignment of relationships among providers, payers, and patients. Those who purposefully pursue strategic relationships will survive and thrive under healthcare reform.

Our PYA Public Policy Advisors – our “imagineers” – draw on decades of experience and expertise to facilitate such strategic positioning. Their well-honed skills include:

  • Translating complex regulatory schemes into straightforward action plans
  • Building consensus through creation-of-trust environments in which new relationships can flourish
  • Functioning as the “backbone” organization to manage community-wide initiatives
  • Rallying independent providers to explore and pursue innovative delivery models with public and private participants
  • Envisioning and implementing innovative organizational responses to regulatory challenges

Our advisors’ success stories are many and varied:

  • Helped organize and operationalize numerous accountable care organizations and similar multi-provider entities
  • Provided community-based education programs on healthcare reform
  • Assisted with the Draft of successful legislation to streamline state health information privacy laws
  • Facilitated development of regulatory structure to support statewide health information exchange
  • Drove formation of community-wide provider partnership to operate safety-net clinic
  • Prepared comments on proposed state and federal regulations that successfully impacted final rules
  • Developed compliance manuals for professional associations
  • Supported creation of rural health networks
  • Created innovative structure to integrate rural to quaternary continuum of care
  • Coordinated multi-stakeholder CMS Innovation Center grant applications
  • Analyzed and advised professional associations on state Medicaid reform

Rely on PYA’s Public Policy Advisors’ knowledge, experience, creativity, and unique ability to communicate and navigate you through the unchartered and sometimes treacherous waters of healthcare reform. They will land you safely at your destination.

Public Policy
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