Health policy expert Marci Nielsen, Ph.D., noted for putting patients in the center of healthcare, is the newest principal at PYA.

PYA announces that Marci Nielsen, Ph.D., has joined as a Principal within its Consulting service line.

Marci Nielsen has a passion for equitable, person-centered care.  Given her background, with – advanced degrees and academic leadership in health policy from prestigious universities, experience directing a state Medicaid agency, national leadership in patient-centered primary care, and a history of volunteerism with the U.S. Army Reserves and the Peace Corps, Dr. Nielsen brings an exciting mix of expertise and innovation to PYA’s healthcare delivery transformation team.

“Marci’s reputation precedes her,” said PYA President Marty Brown. “With an extensive background in healthcare transformation, and as a committed connector of people, she will take a prominent role assisting clients as they transition to patient-centered, value-based care.  We are delighted to welcome such an accomplished professional to our consulting team.”

Dr. Nielsen’s drive to improve access by shaping health policies has culminated in three decades of community, state, federal, non-profit, and academic experience.

“I am committed to improving the healthcare delivery system and the lives of the patients in its care,” said Dr. Nielsen.  Her CV evidences this commitment, with publications, accolades, and accomplishments in transforming healthcare.   Dr. Nielsen has:

  • Directed the state Medicaid agency and state employee health plan for the state of Kansas
  • Acted as a health policy government affairs advisor for provider and payer organizations and academic institutions
  • Led a team that secured and performed on a multi-million-dollar grant from the CMS Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative;
  • Served as CEO of the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative, a consensus-driven, multi-stakeholder national advocacy organization
  • Presented to 100+ organizations on a wide range of health policy issues

On why she chose PYA as the next step of her journey, Dr. Nielsen says, “PYA shares my commitment, and I look forward to collaborating with its outstanding team of professionals, as we assist clients through healthcare transformation.”

For PYA, the feeling is mutual.  The firm is thrilled that Marci has selected PYA and cannot wait to offer her insights and expertise to our clients.

Marci Nielsen, Ph.D., holds a doctorate in Health Policy and Management from Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health, a Master of Public Health, International Health from the George Washington University of Medicine and Health Sciences.  She has authored numerous publications and is a frequent lecturer / guest speaker on policies and practices that impact health and healthcare delivery.  She has served as faculty in two universities, where she developed and taught several inter-professional courses.  In addition to her professional accomplishments, Dr. Nielsen has served on the board of directors or as a committee member of several local, state, and national healthcare organizations.

Marci Nielsen

Marci Nielsen


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