Outstanding client service

In 1983 PYA was established on the basis of a few core principles. First was an unyielding commitment to outstanding client service reflected in timely responsiveness with exceptional advice and insight. A very basic principle that is often lost in today’s business and professional world, it is never to be lost at PYA. From our first slogan, We Measure Our Success by the Success of Our Clients, to our present-day weekly salutes to employees citing examples of their exceptional service, we remain dedicated to this core principle. Our passion for exceptional client service is heartfelt.

The best employees at all levels

An equally important principle is an ongoing commitment to attracting and retaining the best employees at all levels of our organization. Our exceptional receptionists and administrative staff are equally committed to effectively serving our clients as are our most seasoned executives.  You will hear it when any PYA employee answers your telephone call… we care about our clients.  We continuously strive to be the very best in all that we do… nothing less.

Forthright insightful advice

A third core principle is a dedication to providing insightful advice in a forthright manner. We will not compromise our integrity by compromising our advice and opinions. Our clients entrust us to “tell them what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear.” We consider that to be a covenant with our clients that is not to be broken.

Vision beyond the numbers

Finally, we bring Vision Beyond the Numbers to all of our business lines, helping clients bridge challenge and solution. Clarity of vision, identifying new opportunities and negotiating the changing winds of regulations and competition are abilities we bring to the table, making a difference on behalf of our clients.

At PYA we are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional professional services reflecting our knowledge and more than 30 years of experience as trusted advisors.

Vision Beyond the Numbers